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This is a special alpha release for Nimiq for early testing.

This release fixes a bug that could lead to lower hash speeds, especially in pools with lower vardiff.

The main change is that the network proxy server needed to run TRM is now integrated and automatically executed by the miner. It is also related in the release. This means that now you have to forget about the proxy and just start the miner, for example, using -o stratum + tcp: // 2053 and the miner will automatically start / stop the proxy.

Please read the packed README and NIMIQ_MINING.txt files and join the TRM controversy for more information.

This is a special alpha release for Nimiq for early testing. Please note that you need to connect to a special proxy for the network adapter for mining in the current mining pools of Nimiq. Native pool support coming soon. You can start the network adapter yourself or use examples of startup scripts.

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