T-Rex 0.13.0: Nvidia GPU Miner [Download for Windows]


Download the finished .bat files right now: 

Note! T-Rex is a closed source miner with a built-in development fee of 1%. Also make sure you have the latest video driver installed (the latter to support CUDA 10). Since the binaries for Linux and Windows are compiled for CUDA 9.1 / 9.2 / 10.0.


  • Added tensority algorithm (RTX cards, 3% of developer commission) – used for Bytom coin
  • Added dedal algorithm back (it was removed in previous versions)
  • Added SSL support (URL scheme must be ssl, for example “stratum + ssl: //veil-eu.coinblockers.com: 4244”)

Cosmetic and bug fixes:

  • Watchdog displays GPU restart statistics
  • Miner restart is automatically performed by watchdog after update no longer increases timer restart counter
  • Fixed miner termination API command when called with watchdog enabled

Key features of the miner:

  • Support for multiple algorithms
  • High performance
  • Support for backup pools
  • SSL protocol support, example of using stratum + ssl: //veil-eu.coinblockers.com: 4244
  • Auto update function support –autoupdate
  • Monitoring page web address of the monitoring page for a particular miner will appear in the console when the miner starts. Here you can create a config file from your batch file
  • Watchdog – monitors the performance of the miner, restarts the process if necessary, saves statistics between restarts. You can disable using the command –no-watchdog or “no-watchdog”: true for hive os.
  • The miner contains a developer commission of 1%, for tensority 3

Hashrate (overclocked):
GTX 1060 – 9.5 Mh / s
GTX 1070 – 14 Mh / s
GTX 1070Ti – 15 Mh / s
GTX 1080 – 18 Mh / s
GTX 1080Ti – 23 Mh / s

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