Whirlpool Samourai Wallet: Download for Windows/Linux/MacOS

Whirlpool Samourai Wallet: Download for Windows/Linux/MacOS

Whirlpool – Samourai Desktop Wallet is a CoinJoin implementation of the Samourai wallet that breaks deterministic links. It is free and open source software (FOSS), providing the end user with secure sovereign control at all times. Bitcoin wallet developers Samourai have announced the integration of a feature called Whirlpool, which is part of a broader transaction anonymization solution called CoinJoin. Bitcoin Magazine writes about it. A new feature was added in beta mode that mathematically separates inputs (senders) and outputs (recipients), making transactions harder to track. Samourai Wallet representatives note that the Whirlpool framework is a fully modular implementation of CoinJoin, developed on the basis of a deeply modified fork of the ZeroLink protocol. The publication also notes that this feature increases the overall fungibility of bitcoin, that is, the same value of all coins regardless of their previous use. Mixing coins in CoinJoin makes them the same and thus ensures the anonymity of transactions. At the same time, it is not yet clear whether Whirlpool will be able to quickly collect the required number of participants in the mixing rounds. For example, in the case of the rival Wasabi Wallet, it could take several hours to reach the required number of participants – from 50 to 100 users. Earlier in June, Samourai Wallet announced a partnership with French company Nodl. The goal of the collaboration is to create a self-sustaining bitcoin Lightning node, allowing users to use the Samourai mobile app without having to rely on centralized servers. Nodl users will also be able to sync with Samourai Wallet’s Dojo software, which implements the Whirlpool feature mentioned above.

Whirlpool – Samourai Wallet Desktop

You can pair your Samourai Wallet on your Android phone with our Whirlpool Desktop app for a better mix. Our Desktop app can be run in both “Standalone” and “Remote” CLI mode.

  • The offline configuration uses the command line as part of the application. This means that you will only receive remixes when the application is open.
  • The “remote” configuration uses a remote command line interface designed to be installed on an “always on” device such as RoninDojo. In this configuration, the desktop application does not have to run 24/7 to create remixes, as the remote command line interface does the heavy lifting.

Download Whirlpool

The latest version of Whirlpool Desktop can be downloaded from the official website: https://samouraiwallet.com/download/whirlpool

Download and install OpenJDK: https://adoptopenjdk.net/

When you open Whirlpool, the default configuration of autonomous graphical user interface must be selected. Click “Continue”.

  • In Samourai Wallet, open Settings > Transactions > Pair with the Whirlpool GUI. The wallet will now display a QR code and the ability to copy the “pairing payload”.
  • Tapping the QR code icon on your Whirlpool will open your computer’s camera. Pick up your phone to scan the QR code and complete the pairing.
  • Alternatively, you can copy the pairing payload from your phone, transfer it to your computer, and paste it into the payload field in Whirlpool
  • Enable Tor for network-level privacy, then click Initialize GUI.

Enter your Samourai Wallet passphrase and click Login.


The setup is complete and ready to run the mix!


Once this setup is complete, you can initiate the mix from your Android wallet, and the desktop app (if it’s open and running) will take over and do the remix for you.

Remote Whirlpool Setup CLI

There are many ways to get your own Whirlpool CLI, each implementation will display the connection information slightly differently, but the steps in the desktop application will be almost identical.

  • With Whirlpool open, select “Advanced: Remote CLI”. Get your Whirlpool address from the implementation you selected and paste it into the CLI address field.
  • Set the Tor proxy configuration. Use 9050 for the Tor daemon running on your computer and 9150 for the Tor browser.
  • If this is the first time you are connecting to the remote command line interface, leave the API field blank.
  • Make sure your Samourai Wallet is connected to your Dojo
  • In your wallet go to Settings > Transactions > Pairing with the Whirlpool GUI. The wallet will now display a QR code and the option to copy the “pairing payload”.
  • Tapping the QR code icon on your Whirlpool will open your computer’s camera. Pick up your phone to scan the QR code and complete the pairing.
  • Alternatively, you can copy the pairing payload from your phone, transfer it to your computer and paste it into the payload field in Whirlpool.
  • Make sure that the following screen shows “Use Dojo as the server part of the wallet” and “Tor is required for Dojo”, then click “Initialize GUI”.
  • Enter your Samourai Wallet passphrase and click “Login.< /ли>
  • Setup complete and ready to start a mix!

Once this setup is complete, you can initiate the mix from your Android wallet or Desktop app, and the remote CLI on your device 24/7 will take over and do the remix for you.

How to start a new mix in Samourai Wallet

Deposit replenishment

  • Click the deposit button in the upper left corner to open the next unused address in your Samourai Wallet.
  • Send the amount you want to mix to the specified address

Your deposit transaction requires 1 blockchain confirmation before you can start the mix


Add discount code

From time to time we offer discounts on mixing called SCODES. Follow our news on Twitter and Telegram! To take advantage of these discounts, follow these steps before you create new mixes.

  • Click Configuration.
  • Enter SCODE.
  • Click “Save & Restart


  • Open the “Deposit” tab in Whirlpool and select the UTXOs you want to include in the mix, then click “Premix” at the top of the screen.

Select miner fee and pool

  • Confirm the pool you want to join.
  • Confirm the commission priority Tx0.
  • Confirm the commission priority of the mix-miner.
  • Press Premix to broadcast your Tx0 to the Bitcoin network

Wait for confirmation

After a few seconds, open the Premix tab. Here you will see each UTXO created by Tx0 waiting for confirmation into the block. After one confirmation, each of these UTXOs, one by one, will automatically join their first Whirlpool mix.

If you are using the GUI offline, remember to keep the application running to achieve mixing.



  • After each UTXO goes through its first round of mixing, it will end up in your wallet’s Postmix account, ready to be spent or remixed (for free).
  • Remember, as long as there are UTXOs in your postmix wallet and online Whirlpool client, these funds are good for free and unlimited remixes.

This wallet belongs to mobile wallets and is considered one of the most secure and convenient wallets designed for cryptocurrency storage. You can download a Bitcoin wallet through the Play Market. It operates on the basis of Android OS. The popularity of the mobile Bitcoin walletis due to a set of advantages.

Benefits Samourai Wallet

У кошелька самурая превосходная безопасность, по сравнению с другими типами мобильных кошельков. Транзакции проводятся быстро. Те клиенты, которые не хотят доверить серверу Samourai wallet открытые ключи, имеют право на запуск Dojo. За счет этого обеспечивается максимальная анонимность переводов. в Samourai wallet есть поддержка адреса SegWit, Legasy, Bech 32. С помощью удаленных СМС-команд можно управлять приложением. Однако в таком случае безопасность кошелька снижается. Samourai может совершать транзакции максимально приватно. Внешние наблюдатели вряд ли смогут отследить их, потому что при каждом новом переводе создается новый адрес. Если пользователь пожелает, он может воспользоваться приложением open VPN. Кошелек работает и с ним. С помощью Scrambled PIN предотвращается взлом приложения вредоносными программами. Функция Whirlpool помогает затруднить отслеживание переводов.

It is worth noting that this is one of the few wallets that allows you to speed up the transaction. In the Bitcoin news, you can often read reports that the blockchain network is overloaded and you have to wait a long time for confirmation of transactions. This wallet can speed them up a bit. To do this, there is a function to increase commissions for sent transactions. Thanks to it, the transaction goes faster. An interesting feature is that the wallet is very often downloaded by those who live in countries where cryptocurrencies are completely banned. Users often compare it with other mobile wallets and note that it is far superior to them in terms of its functionality and security features.

How safe is security?

The developers have tried to make user information as secure as possible. The AES-256 encryption protocol is used. Each client has a monopoly right to own private keys. For security, the BIP-39 phrase is also used. It allows you to encrypt the client’s valuable information. Samourai wallet functionality allows you to put a pin code consisting of several numbers. There is also a hidden mode, it hides the wallet from unauthorized persons. To restore the wallet, it is enough to use the seed phrase. It is created when the application is installed. It allows you to restore access if your smartphone is lost. But this does not mean that you should neglect information security measures. There is no wallet that guarantees complete security and anonymity. The safety of funds in wallets depends on how responsibly the user will take precautions.

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