Vitalik Buterin: 2 times more users for Ethereum – 2 times higher value

Vitalik Buterin: 2 times more users for Ethereum - 2 times higher value

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin supported one of the critics of his project, who hypothesized that at the current stage he needs advertisers much more than developers.

According to the critic, a large number of talented teams are already working on preparing Ethereum for the transition to the second version of the protocol, but very little is known about their work. “Ethereum already has a bunch of advanced products, both in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) and beyond, but the average citizen knows nothing about them,” he added.

Buterin agreed that it would be nice to educate representatives of the wider public on this part. “A software development project becomes 2 times more valuable if 2 times more people find out about it,” he wrote.

During the discussion, Buterin admitted that such a dependence is unlikely to be linear, since, on the one hand, the most valuable users usually learn first about the technology, and on the other, the network effect leads to its early spread. At the same time, the assumption put forward by some on the basis of Metcalf’s law that the value of the network will increase by 4 times, if the number of users grows by 2 times, Buterin considers revaluation.

In November, the decentralized organization Marketing DAO was launched in the Ethereum ecosystem, whose task is to promote solutions based on the blockchain of the second largest cryptocurrency.

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