Uber has signed an agreement to launch a blockchain.

Uber has signed an agreement to launch a blockchain focused on healthcare. Uber from San Francisco, which shares travel, announced a collaboration between its subsidiary Uber Health, which specializes in healthcare, and the startup Solve.Care.

According to a Forbes report published on July 9, Solve. Care will have access to the entire Uber fleet in the US. The startup said that the partnership will be of great importance in providing affordable vehicles for patients and caregivers.

Uber rivalry with Lyft to crawl into the healthcare space.

Solve.Care aims to increase the transparency of the entire healthcare industry and eliminate typical administrative cuts. Over time, the startup hopes that its open ledger will also be able to reduce cases of insurance fraud. At the same time, partnership with Uber allows startups to provide their customers with even more options, offering everything from transportation to flexible payment options.

While Solve.Care raised $ 20 million. During the initial public offering (ICO) last year, the company has not yet released its entire offer to the public. However, when this finally happens, Solve.Care users will be able to request trips to scheduled medical appointments and doctors directly through the platform.

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