U.S. website selling personal data for bitcoins shut down

U.S. website selling personal data for bitcoins shut down

A website that sold personal information for bitcoins was shut down in the United States. The Department of Justice explained that in addition to the SSNDOB trading site, a number of sites were shut down where criminals had been selling names, birthdates and Social Security numbers belonging to U.S. citizens for years.

In total, the criminals made more than $19 million in cryptocurrency, law enforcement officials allege. The investigation revealed that SSNDOB administrators created advertisements for the trading platform’s services on criminal Darknet forums, provided a customer support function, and regularly tracked when and how customers deposited funds into their accounts.

The administrators used various methods to protect their anonymity and disguise their activities, bought Internet servers in different countries, and required customers to use digital payment methods, such as bitcoins.

“The theft and illegal use of personal information is not only a crime, but can have catastrophic consequences for people for years to come,” said U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg.

In May, a Washington court upheld a U.S. Justice Department indictment against the founder of a payment company that transferred digital assets to people from sanctioned countries.

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