Thoughts on Bitcoin …

Thoughts on Bitcoin ...

Thoughts on Bitcoin …

Go against the crowd. Buy when everyone is afraid, sell when hamsters are loaded into a crypto trap.

Top traders insist on the imminent fall of the cue ball to $ 2500, it is not surprising because the hype of this fall is the collapse of the cue ball. Do you think such moods are random? Manipuli strictly follow their scenario, take wimps out of the game before the final pump. There are no bulls or bears. Only bloodthirsty businesses …

As previously, we predict the values of $ 14000- $ 22000, alt guns are almost all charged, so we partially buy back the cue ball with the Crypto riders team.

Recent events in the cryptocurrency world:

  • Reuters: Swiss President Uli Maurer called the Libra crypto project a failure and believes that it should be radically redesigned
  • Vitalik Buterin is again scandalous, this time he called bitcoin sidechains “crap”
  • In 2019, BitMEX insurance fund grew by 62% and today it has 33,470 BTC
  • UN Secretary General António Guterres calls on an international organization to use blockchain technology more actively

The rate of major currencies:

  • Bitcoin $7 393 (↑0.93%)
  • Ethereum $131 (↑2.87%)
  • XRP $0,195899 (↑1.42%)
  • Tether $1,01 (↑0.34%)
  • Bitcoin Cash $213 (↑3.27%)

Total cryptocurrency capitalization: $ 195 980 654 869 (↑ 0.39%)

Daily trading volume: $71 696 601 182 (↓0,06%)

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