The failure on Binance allowed the trader to buy 900 thousand LINK tokens for $ 90

The trader who placed the LINK order in January 2019 was very lucky when the Binance crashed today. The order bought 900,000 tokens at a price of $ 0.0001, against the current market $ 2.69.

Old order

According to Binance, an order placed on the first day that Binance offered LINK trading on January 16, 2019 was partially completed today, which allowed a happy trader to buy 900’000 LINK tokens for about $ 90.

The Chainlink asset was one of the leading altcoins of 2020, and earlier this month it was trading at $ 4.68. Currently, the price of the token is $ 2.69, which is significantly lower after the collapse of the crypto market that has occurred over the past 24 hours.

It was during this market crash that LINK suffered an overwhelming collapse of flash memory, resulting in its price dropping 99% for a few moments during the highest point of volatility.

The order was so old that it was placed before Binance set price range limits.

It was during the LINK flash crash that a happy trader was blessed with 900K LINK tokens at an amazingly low price of $ 0.0001. This is a grand unforeseen event, as the token has grown rapidly due to the project’s growing partnerships with many DeFi projects that fear oracle manipulation attacks.

LINK is a protocol for providing oracle blockchains for delivering real data to smart contracts for DeFi platforms, decentralized exchanges (DEX) and other blockchain projects that rely on data streams to automate and execute smart contracts.

The failure on Binance allowed the trader to buy 900 thousand LINK tokens for $ 90

DeFi problems grow like a snowball

Last month, the bZx DeFi platform was attacked first through the manipulation of a crypto loan, then the second time in which an attacker manipulated the price oracle of a decentralized exchange (DEX), successfully stealing ETH by almost a million dollars.

As a precaution, many DeFi and blockchain projects turned to Chainlink as a partner for more secure blockchain oracles. Chainlink collaborates with various DeFi projects such as Synthetix, Loopring, DEX, Aave, Ampleforth and other projects.

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