July 22, in test mode, supposedly starts Bakkt

The long-awaited Bakkt. The event is directly associated with the continued growth of the market, so we recall the opening of CME, after which there was a big dump, instead of the expected pump. Keep in mind this scenario.

July 26 there will be a hearing on the Bitfinex case. Anyone who is stuck in #LEO (including me partially), it makes sense to closely monitor this event, because the fate of the token will depend on it. If there is no crime, we will see strong growth from current to former $ 2 (averaging is appropriate after the decision).

In addition, if we are already talking about stock tokens, it makes sense to buy a Bitmax coin exchange – BTMX, get up in the long with x2 shoulder, as an option. The coin after a long consolidation, shows growth against the market + we remember the departure of alt traders from Binance. Just there, it is appropriate to throw a profit from #BOLT.

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