In the UK, cryptocurrency fraudsters posing as FCA representatives

Criminals promoting a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme, send letters in which they pretend to be representatives of the Financial Supervision Authority of Great Britain (FCA).

Founder and Director of London-based Solomon’s Independent Financial Advisers, Dominic Thomas, warned FCA about a possible fraud, stating that he had received such an email five times in several days. The letter spoke of a “guaranteed chance to earn on cryptocurrencies,” as well as the logos of FCA and the Bank of England and images of BTC, LTC and XRP coins. The letter reported that “although Bitcoin is still far from its peak price of $ 20,000, which it reached in 2017, some cryptocurrency experts believe that by 2020 it can cost even more”. At the moment, it is not known whether the scammers spread the virus in this way or the distribution was a phishing attempt.

Cryptocurrency fraudsters often try to impersonate government officials or famous personalities in order to lure as many people as possible into their schemes. For example, the names of Richard Branson and Ilona Mask were repeatedly used to promote fraudulent schemes. In addition, last year, fraudsters tried to deceive the victims of BitConnect, posing as representatives of the Texas Securities Board (TSSB).

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