In Italy, detained the founder of the WEX cryptocurrency exchange

This is the second detainee in the case of the stock exchange – the first was Alexander Vinnik, who was taken in Greece and suspected of laundering $ 4 billion.

“We are in the process of searching for the missing money of WEX depositors, and in this regard, the detention of Dmitry Vasilyev by Italian law enforcement agencies seems logical,” said the current owner of the WEX exchange, Dmitry Khavchenko.

“Our events, including those of a legal nature, allow us to believe that the largest part of the missing money, Mt.Gox, BTC (e), WEX, is held by the former administrator of BTC (e) and WEX, Alexei Bilyuchenkov, who hid in Russia and imperfections of the Russian cryptocurrency legislation, ”he added.

Most likely, Bilyuchenkov will become the third detainee.

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