Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin complains on Twitter that he was insulted

Ethereum Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin complains on Twitter that he was insulted

“Today, I was offended by two large persons from the world of cryptocurrencies! People always say funny things about me, but I think they excelled everyone. ”

Buterin had in mind two tweets, one owned by Kelvin Eyre, the other by Adam Back:

“Vitalik has no idea about the economy or the blockchain,” wrote founder and Bitcoin SV supporter Calvin Eyre.

“It’s like Elizabeth Holmes monitors the state of biotechnology …”, wrote Blockstream co-founder and CEO Adam Beck, hinting that Buterin had a misconception about cryptotechnology.

Elizabeth Holmes was the founder of Theranos, which claimed to have revolutionized the biotechnology industry. She was later accused of fraud due to false allegations.

At its peak, Theranos was valued at $ 9 billion, the company employed more than 800 employees. Now the organization is in the process of liquidation.

Of course, Vitalik did not like the comparison with a man widely known in the USA for lying to investors, users, and even the US government and accused of fraud.

According to Adam Becker, Buterin should be regarded as a fraud, in addition, the top manager could not help but understand that, due to his popularity in the crypto industry, these words will not go unnoticed.

Buterin himself added that he considers these accusations to be “funny”, and most Twitter users have supported the co-founder of a major cryptocurrency project.

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