EOS Ecosystem wallet users lose $ 52 million coins

EOS Ecosystem wallet users lose $ 52 million coins

The Chinese cryptocurrency wallet EOS Ecosystem, which promised users high interest on storing assets, suddenly ceased to function, with $ 52 million worth of assets remaining in the wallets.

According to the local edition of ChainNews, EOS Ecosystem users lost access to their wallets on Monday, and, apparently, customer funds were withdrawn from the company’s official accounts.

Since the advent of the EOS cryptocurrency, users have suffered from a large number of scammers operating in this ecosystem. So, scandals ended with the activities of companies such as EOS Vote, EOSCUBE or EOSFIN. All these applications were subsequently called financial pyramids.

Earlier, ChainNews already reported that the EOS Ecosystem application has all the signs of a pyramid and does not own a node in the EOS network, although it claims to. In 2019, a lawsuit was filed against the project in a court in Tengzhou City with the charge of creating a financial pyramid and collecting 33 million EOS coins (about $ 81 million).

Recently, the China Information Technology Development Center (CCID) released another cryptocurrency rating, in which, according to established tradition, the EOS project took first place.

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