China’s national blockchain platform will add support for EOS network

China's national blockchain platform will add support for public EOS network nodes

China’s national blockchain platform will add support for public EOS network nodes

BSN’s China national blockchain platform will support public network nodes such as EOS and Ethereum. This is stated in a message published today in the official account of BSN.

Initially, information about plans to implement support for public blockchain nodes was contributed by the BSN Development Association to the white paper project in early February. It is assumed that this will expand the capabilities of the “blockchain as a service” service based on BSN and operational functionality for its customers. One of the aspects of the plan to create a global blockchain infrastructure is support for public network technology.

BSN development is overseen by China State Information Center. Also, five companies representing the telecommunications, financial and technological industries, including the UnionPay national payment system, are participating in its development.

Support for EOS nodes is expected to appear in BSN by the end of July. This will allow foreign participants in the system to launch simplified versions of EOS nodes in one click. In addition, in the future it is planned to implement support for other public blockchains, for example Ethereum.

Although the service network will support both public and consortium networks, each participant will have to individually determine the permissibility of using public network nodes depending on their location, the white paper says. For example, Chinese cities will be prohibited from working on public blockchains.

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