BitMEX has allocated $ 2.5 million to combat coronavirus

BitMEX has allocated $ 2.5 million to combat coronavirus

The BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange has launched the COVID-19 Response Fund and has allocated $ 2.5 million to support funds involved in countering the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the company, four funds will receive support from BitMEX – Gates Philanthropy Partners, OpenMined, Our World in Data and the Nuclear Threat Initiative (Biosecurity Program). They will receive from 300 thousand to 1 million dollars. The funds will be used to develop vaccines, collect information on the spread of the virus, and diagnostic and treatment tools. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes said:

“We are determined to carefully distribute grants and make sure that through our actions during the crisis, COVID-19 will make the greatest contribution now and in the future. “We decided to provide grants totaling $ 2.5 million to four organizations, which have a tangible impact on containing COVID-19, as well as global catastrophic biological risks.”

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