Binance and Huobi are listing their own stablebcoins

Immediately, two large cryptocurrency exchanges on Monday announced the listing of their own stablebcoins. Binance Exchange at its main site will list tied to the British pound of stablecoin Binance GBP (BGBP) and open trading in the pair BGBP / USDC on July 23 at 07:00 Moscow time.

As the exchange notes, “BGBP is always 100% secured with an equivalent number of GBP in a Binance bank account.”

Last week, the BGBP was listed on the Binance Jersey crypto-fiat platform, focused on residents of the European region.

Also today, the start of trading in PAX / HUSD, TUSD / HUSD, USDC / HUSD pairs was announced by the Huobi exchange. In addition, the company launched a specialized portal through which users can purchase and redeem HUSD.

In the past, HUSD was an aggregated tool that allowed Huobi users to work simultaneously with the majority of exchange-supported steablocks. Huobi recently announced that she will replace the HUSD with an ERC20 token that will perform the function of her own steablecoin. The custodian used for the provision of HUSD assets is the company Paxos.

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