What is a mining farm?

In this article we will talk about the main tool through which the mining of cryptocurrency takes place – mining farm. So, we have already figured out what mining is (we advise, if you are confronted with this topic for the first time, read the article by reference), and now we will analyze in detail what a mining farm is, what it consists of and how it functions.

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  • Mining farm cryptocurrency: name, value, tasks
  • The history of mining farms
  • Types of mining farms
  • How does mining farm work
  • What does a mining farm consist of

Mining farm cryptocurrency: name, value, tasks

Mining farm, what is it? First of all, answering this question, it must be said that this is a tool representing the aggregate devices (computer components), in everyday life received the name – farm. The main task of the farm is the production of computer equipment of complex mathematical algorithms to find a block transaction, that is, its generation.

Cryptocurrency mining occurs on the principle of a peer-to-peer network, in everyday language, this means that who uses cryptocurrency is a tiny part of a conditional bank.

The history of mining farms

CPU mining began its development in 2009, but the achieved power in this area was not high. For comparison, only advanced to that The moment the processor Intel Core i7 990x showed performance about 33 MH / s, by the way, income directly depends on power. Due to achievements low power there was a further transition to the graphic processors, which marked the industrial race for 2009 forward. Graphics by virtue of its architecture and speed calculations (650-675 MH / s) took the leading places in mining. On that period the farm contained up to six graphics accelerators. But, in 2012 graphics processors have replaced ASIC with outstanding performance and the ability to refine devices, ASIC remains the leader of mining and as of today, although at home quite ofte use farm, collected on the basis of GPU, that is, video cards, because as their cost is much lower than the aforementioned ASICs.

Types of mining farms

To mine cryptocurrency in two ways. The first – alone, that is SOLO. The second is with someone on the pools, that is, as a command (when you connect your power to the network all miners unite and start jointly mining blockchain, the income in this case is divided between all members of the pool equal).

mining farm houses

Consider the types of farms for Solo mining:

  • Farms assembled from video cards, the income directly depends on their total capacity: the more, the higher;
  • From FPGA modules (initially, the high cost did not allow this type of farm to develop);
  • From ASIC processors (leader).

How does mining farm work

For the operation of the mining farm (in addition to the technical staffing and assembly) you need to connect to the blockchain network.

Describe in simple words, the whole process of work can be as follows: on a certain the number of computers (depending on your resources) are installed programs for mining. These computers work in single mode. A prerequisite is the synchronization of mining programs with Bitcoin wallet. The farm operates on the principle of 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 – per year.

What does a mining farm consist of

  • SSD-drive (its advantages are in stability and speed of work);
  • CPU;
  • Video card (we recommend using Sapphire NITRO + Radeon RX 470 4.0 GB, GIGABYTE Radeon RX 570 GAMING 4G, MSI PCI-Ex GeForce GTX570);
  • Motherboard;
  • Power Supply;
  • Raiser;
  • RAM;
  • USB WatchDog;
  • Monitor emulator

In this article we tried to give you a basic concept of what is a mining farm: the history of their appearance, as well as types and components. In the following articles we will begin to move smoothly. from theory to practice assembling such farms. And let’s start making money on them, that is, to the extraction of cryptocurrency! Do you know what cryptocurrency best to mine in 2017? Not? About this in the following articles, not miss it.

In the meantime, for a change, we offer to watch the following video, maybe it will more clearly explain to you the essence of the mining farm:

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