How much do miners around the world earn a day?

First place for Bitcoin – ASIC owners earn $ 18.5 million a day with it. The amount is huge, but it is very difficult to tear off a piece of the general pie.

Recall, on the eve of the network hashrate – that is, its total computing power – set a new record. The figure was slightly below 80 million teraheshs per second. That means two things.

The second and third place in the profitability rating of mining is occupied by Ethereum and Lightcoin. Their result is 2.80 and 1.34 million dollars respectively.

How did the profitability of mining

Find out the income of miners is not as difficult as it seems. It takes a certain amount of time to find a block in each network – for example, Bitcoin has 10 minutes. This means that on average every ten minutes the blockchain of the first cryptocurrency is replenished with one block with new transactions.

The block time or the so-called block time is constant, that is, it took ten minutes to mine a BTC block today, yesterday, or even three years ago. Its continuity ensures the complexity of mining – that is, the complexity of the problem that needs to be solved to find a block. If the network has twice as many miners, the complexity will also double. The main thing – to ten minutes remained unchanged.

With the rest of the cryptocurrencies, the situation is the same.

As a result, for the calculation, we took the time of the block of each coin, counted the number of blocks per day and multiplied them by the reward for each block. In Bitcoin, 12.5 BTC is now given for finding a solution. The final touch is to multiply the result by the current rate. From this came millions.

Note that the amount does not include the fees that users pay for conducting transactions. They are individual, so to guess them and take into account will not work with all the desire.

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