Ethereum (ETH) can scale using Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Cryptocurrency creator Ethereum Vitaly Buterin proposed a new way to solve the problem of scaling its blockchain.

The updated platform, according to Buterin, can finally solve the problem of scaling the ether. But at this stage of development of the network, you can use the resources of other platforms that are successfully operating in the cryptosphere.

Among the advantages of BCH, the developer of ETH distinguishes low transaction fees and high bandwidth. At the moment, the Bitcoin Cash network can process more than 53 KB of data per second, while the ETH platform is able to process no more than 8 KB of information per second. The Bitcoin Cash community is not opposed to network resources being used by other blockchains, Buterin said.

Ethereum platform has a sufficient set of tools to successfully integrate with the BCH blockchain and check the blocks created on its basis.
In addition to Bitcoin Cash, Vitalik Buterin admits the possibility of using the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network. It also has great potential and compatibility with other platforms.

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