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HIVE Blockchain Sold 10,000 ETH to Buy Bitcoin Miners from Intel

HIVE Blockchain Technologies has used the proceeds from the sale of approximately 10,000 ETH to “fund a strategic relationship with Intel and create new bitcoin miners.” Representatives of the firm justified the decision by the volatility of the second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, as well as the fact that it “surpassed bitcoin at the end of last year.”

The transition of Etherium (ETH) to PoS is scheduled for August this year

An Etherium transition to PoS is scheduled for as early as August of this year. At the Permissionless conference, the Etherium Developer Council said that the transition to Proof-of-Stake consensus could happen as early as August this year, “if everything goes according to plan. The team hopes to make the transition before a so-called “complexity bomb” worsens the network’s performance. A “difficulty bomb” is a procedure that gradually makes mining ETH coins more difficult. It is divided into several stages, each of which increases the time for block validation. As of today, the speed of creating a new block is about 13 seconds. “Complexity bomb” – made on purpose to gradually force miners to leave the first generation network and switch to the new one. The information about the merger was also confirmed by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Etherium network.

Whirlpool Samourai Wallet: Download for Windows/Linux/MacOS

Whirlpool – Samourai Desktop Wallet is a CoinJoin implementation of the Samourai wallet that breaks deterministic links. It is free and open source software (FOSS), providing the end user with secure sovereign control at all times. Bitcoin wallet developers Samourai have announced the integration of a feature called Whirlpool, which…

Team Black Miner 1.47: Download GPU Miner ETH, ETC, ZCL, VTC (AMD/NVIDIA)

Team Black Miner – Fast and stable Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zilliqa and vertcoin miner. TeamBlackMiner or TBM is a miner that maintains the leading position in mining coins such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Zilliqa. The developer commission for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is only 0.5%. The program supports informative and readable statistics output in the form of tables in the console. There is a mechanism to restore a lost connection to the pool.

BEAM and GRIN: Overview and prospects of cryptocurrency

BEAM and GRIN: Overview and prospects of cryptocurrency

Mimblewimble blockchain protocol got two implementations in cryptocurrencies Grin and BEAM. We did a review on Grin and Mimblewimble, but in this article we will look at the BEAM project, the differences between the cryptocurrency and the other implementation and the dynamics of development. Also in the article there are standard rates to the ruble, dollar and other currencies, available exchanges and exchangers.